Flower Pots at Heathcote

Flower Pots at Heathcote
9x12 acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Harvest "


8 x 10 oil on canvas


Today's post is number 25 in the 30 in 30. I had done this a while back, but redid part and tweeked it, so it is improved. This will be my last post in the challenge, as I have several obligations in the next few days that will prevent me from being able to paint. However, I feel that it was a fun experience and I have enjoyed meeting many artists and friends online. Such a challenge (painting one painting a day) has its' pros and cons. Obviously, seeing other artists daily work and meeting them on line is a plus, but the downside to me is that it seems the quality of my paintings suffer because of trying for quantity. Other folks may not agree, but I find that my small works are rather insignificant and I had rather spend more thoughtful painting time on larger works. So thanks for looking and hope you'll come back to my blog, as I continue to post paintings as I do them.

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  1. Egretta - this piece certainly doesn't look insignificant. So beautiful...love the stunning colors too. Take care and have a great day.