Flower Pots at Heathcote

Flower Pots at Heathcote
9x12 acrylic on canvas

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Longing for Fall--Mostly Crotons"
9 x 11 watercolor $45

I went outside today looking for "Fall" leaves, which in Florida are not this early and there are a few starting in October and actually lasting all winter, but not many and nothing like in the North. But being a transplanted Kentuckian, I still look for a bit of Fall color, starting in Sept. I found mostly Crotons, which are fallish looking all year, but more so in Autumn and Winter. I also found a few turning Crepe Myrtle leaves, even though the Crepe Myrtles are still in bloom.
And I found some kind of yellowish weed. Arranged on a sheet of paper, they were quite pleasing and fun to paint, especially the crotons. So my painting for today is simply a botanical. Notice the shadows and don't forget to click on it for details. Happy Labor Day, coming up!

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