Flower Pots at Heathcote

Flower Pots at Heathcote
9x12 acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


About a year ago in March, I began this blog, so I am celebrating my one year blogging anniversary this week! It has been a wonderful journey and much fun! I have enjoyed, especially, meeting other bloggers, learning and sharing with them.

Today I am posting 21 of my favorite paintings from this year's blog. I am not going to comment on them....just pretend you are in my gallery, walking around, taking your time and enjoying my art. If you see one you like in particular, then click on it and see all the little details. After you see all the paintings, please take time to read my answers to the questions you have asked about my blog and this years experience. Some of these have sold, others are still available and you can find that out on my "older posts" section.

How many paintings did you post this year?
I think I posted about 233 in 2010 and 47 so far in 2011, so 280 in all. I tried to post one everyday or one I was working on, but I did do a little traveling and took a few breaks.
Is it hard to do a painting a day?
Yes, it is! Even though I love to paint, some days I might have other obligations with my home, guest, or church. Some days I simply may be having a bad "paint day", or just want to goof off, go shopping...well, you know how it is!
Do you feel you must hurry or sacrifice quality for quantity by painting one a day?
Yes, many times, I do. In order to complete a painting a day, I often do very small paintings and pick subject matter that I know will be easy for me to complete in a day. Often I fore go a challenge just to get a painting completed and I do not like this.
What have you learned this year?
I have discovered that I prefer not to have a commitment as to how many paintings I will post a day or a week. I paint daily, so I have learned not to push for a number, but to just do the best work I can do.
Have you sold many paintings just off your blog?
I have sold quite a few and have been pleased with the sales (even though,of course I would like to sell more!). I do not sell them anywhere on the Internet except my blog, so I have been pretty happy with that. In future, I may look for other outlets as well. I do shows also to sell, but sells are not the most important to me. The most important thing is to grow as an artist and develop my style.
Do you think people go back and look at older posts?
Not as much as I would like for them to do. Some of my best work is scattered throughout....I would like for folks to see the bigger works, especially.
What is your biggest disappointment in blogging?
My biggest disappointment is that not many people have signed up as followers. I know many, many look and yet do not sign up. It would really give me a boost to have many followers signed up.
What has made you happiest about blogging?
I have met some wonderful fellow bloggers, and many I hear from often. I have really enjoyed people's comments immensely.
What are your plans for the new year of blogging?
I plan to keep blogging but am not committing to a painting a day. That does not mean that I am not a daily painter. Painting is my passion and my job, my fun, everything! So I will be painting and will post probably 3 or 4 times a week. I want to do larger, more thoughtful, works and do more experimentation, more discovering, more searching for who I am as an artist. I don't want to feel pressured into doing a painting every day, but rather a good painting for as long as it takes to do it.
Well, there you have my answers to your questions. I hope you will continue to look at my updated blog with renewed interest and pass it along to your family and friends and fellow bloggers. I will post every few days and hope to share more with you my painting techniques and ideas, and as before, my work will be available to purchase through Pay Pal. Thanks for looking at my blog and let me hear from you!! Egretta


  1. I love your paintings Egretta especially the birds and the ducks and the cat, such detail work..I envy you for such creativity and talent. I wish I could paint as well as you and sell them too! Happy First Anniversary!

  2. Some lovely work there Egretta. So pleased to see the Mallard and the Swan there in amongst your favourites. Happy Blog anniversary!

  3. I love your gallery of paintings in this post and also reading about your plans. Happy 1 year as a blogger, what a great blog and great talent you have!