Flower Pots at Heathcote

Flower Pots at Heathcote
9x12 acrylic on canvas

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Carolina Wrens Building a Nest"
16x20 acrylic on canvas, framed nicely $500
I sat my Dad's old garden boots on the porch, hoping the wrens would build a nest in them. Instead, they selected the same flower pot they had used the year before! This painting is just a bit of my imagination! As you can see, Poppa is having a struggle trying to get the leather lace into the nest, while Momma patiently waits. I am still in the boot/bird mode! One of my favorite things about this painting is that the shape and way the boots are placed are exactly like my Dad used to stand. I can just picture him standing looking at his garden. The best thing about a painting is that it can bring back memories everytime you look at it. Truly " a picture is worth a thousand words"!

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